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Barneveld | Group

Als Systeembeheer ben je verantwoordelijk voor de interne automatisering van H&S

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Beneden Leeuwen | Coldstores

Als procesoperator bij H&S werk je aan het bedienen en controleren van de machine-installaties

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Tankwagen Chauffeur (Ploegen)

Veghel | Transport

Chauffeur voor nationaal vervoer

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Tankwagen Chauffeur (Weekend)

Barneveld | Transport

Ben jij op zoek naar internationaal chauffeurswerk in de weekenden? Lees dan snel verder!

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View our job vacancies

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Bibi Meeusen

We are an extremely varied team

What do you like most about working at H&S? The variation and the variables you come across on a daily basis. Each day you are looking for answers.

Danielle Meijer

It is really a man's world, which means people are not afraid to speak their mind, whilst maintaining a good atmosphere.

I very much like communicating with the drivers. They come from lots of different countries and speak many different languages. This often means we need to communicate with hand and feet, which can result in funny situations at times.

Gerson Vermeulen

I work towards a goal, but have the freedom to determine my own way of achieving that goal.

This means we think out of the box, rather than just within the framework of our own positions. And that is also very educational.

Lex Dogterom

I am proud of the fact that I can work with colleagues of all levels within the company and that my input is appreciated.

First is the great dynamic atmosphere within the company: there is room for initiative and, as a business, we try to make the most of a lot of opportunities, both internally and externally.

Introducing H&S

H&S Group is the number one logistic service provider in the liquid food industry. For more than 70 years we have been offering logistic concepts for customers in this industry. This varies from actual transport of products to processing and storing them.

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